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          Shanxi Yifan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

          About Us

          Shanxi Yifan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. also named as Rongwu Forging and Flange Factory of Dingxiang County, was
          established in 1998.After over 10-years' development,it covers the area of 24679m2 and boasts 118 staffs.Its annual production capacity of carbon steel,alloy steel,stainless steel,cast iron and cast steel exceeds 10,000 tons and it possesses a large-scale flange pipe fitting manufacturing base war the total asset of RMB 200 million.

          Shanxi Yifan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing the forging & casting products such as flanges, pipe fittings.
          valves and other mechanical fittings.The major raw materials are flexible carbon steel,alloy steel,stainless steel,cast iron cast steel-
          The conventional and general standards excuted here are.AVNSI,APL,MISS,AWWA,DIN, BS,NFE, JISB2220,UNI,EN,GB and special
          processing required by the customers' drawings.The Company can fabricate steel products with the diameters from DN15 to DN5500 and the products are shipped to USA,Germany,Spain,Czech,Poland,Sweden,South America, Middle East,South Korea, Japan and Thailand and applied in the fields of oil chemical industry, machinery, electricity, metallurgy,coal and architecture.

          Shanxi Yifan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. focuses on its corporate image when it is enhancing its corporate strength. The company won many awards,including Advanced Unit of Standarddized Construction,Faithful Private Entrepreneurof Xinzhou City,Advanced Unit of Legal &Faithful Tax Payment and other honors in succession and was assessed as die excellent vendor by multiple foreign cooperation companies.

          As a finish machining enterprise looking on global economy,Shanxi Yifan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. strictly implements and passes
          the IS09001 Standard for the organization of production and management.It built the effective, operable, stable and reliable management and security system, passed the IS09001: 2000 International Quality Management System Certification for the first time in 2003 and passed the AD-WO/M9PED/97/23/EC Product Quality Certification of German TV Certification Institution in 2005. The globally well-sold RW flange and other forging products earn praise,reputation, credibility and influence from the global users.The Company obtained the National Special Equipment License for the first time in 2012 and then the right of use of API 6A Icon. It also fully implements the 5A management system in the process of production, which significantly enhances the fighting capability and management capability of Shanxi Yifan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. In the meanwhile, Shanxi Yifan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. also introduces world -leading machining and detecting equipment to improve the quality and stability of its products.The imported CNC machine tool, CNC machining center, high-speed salving machine, CNC flame cutting machine and other advanced & preeise processing equipment bring up the economized RW products. The spectrometer, internationally advanced physical and chemical testing equipment, computer image analysis metallographic microscope, impact tester and other detecting instruments will effectively guarantee the good quality. The international quality system and globally advanced equipment are propelling Shanxi Yifan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to be the quality vanguard of finish machining industry.

          In future,Shanxi Yifan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will continue to dedicate to finish machining fields with its expertise and refining
          mechanism. The Company will also provide whole set and support processing service of all fittings for the global customers. Relying on its qualified products, services and competitive prices,Shanxi Yifan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will become another greater legend in the field of finish machining and we warmly welcome all the foreign and domestic customers to drop a visit and negotiate business with us.

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